Mason Disick Is the Only Voice of Reason in the Kardashian-Jenner Empire

Of course this child's wisdom is far beyond his years.

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Mason Disick Is the Only Voice of Reason in the Kardashian-Jenner Empire
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Raising children in this day and age seems immensely difficult, even under the best of circumstances—and arguably, one might imagine that the various children produced by the Kardashian-Jenner women live in circumstances that many do not. The key difference, though, is that these children are famous and have known nothing else their whole lives, and therefore must contend with the vicissitudes of celebrity. Of all the children in this group, Mason Disick — Kourtney’s eldest little man — is the elder statesman. And as befitting his role as the oldest cousin, he seems to have a lot of sense.

On December 13, North West, daughter of Kimberly, hopped on TikTok and went live, giving god knows how many people a tour of her house. This tour was not authorized by North’s mother, Kim, who is seen in the video laying in bed scrolling on her phone. When Kim learns that her child has absconded with a device connected to the internet with the express purpose of doing a little livestream, her reaction is serene in a way that belies what I assume is actual anger.

Though I do not know what Kim is like as a mother beyond what she shows in public, I am going to hope that she said something to her child that got the message across. However! Maybe she didn’t, because Mason Disick felt it necessary (or kind) to text his Auntie Kim with some advice which Kim shared on her Instagram Story with her tens of millions of fans.


Mason, a king, raised by the only sister of this family that has any sort of sense, is familiar with this particular sort of embarrassment and is clearly speaking from past experience. Please stretch your memory back to the early weeks of the pandemic, when everyone was trapped inside like gerbils in a cage, looking for things to do. In March 2020, Mason got his own Instagram account, activated the livestream feature, and proceeded to spill an entire carafe of boiling hot Earl Grey to an audience eager for any sort of entertainment.

The tea in question was whether or not Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were still together, and the answer, at that time, was no. But this sort of information is the kind that Kris Jenner usually guards close to her heart—as do the producers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Furthermore, Mason was 10 at the time of this reveal and his parents had no interest in him having an Instagram account, which was subsequently deleted, then made private by his mother. Undeterred by this minor speed bump, Mason got on TikTok, answered some more questions, and then was likely banned from social media by his parents, who did not want any of the smoke his unauthorized and unintentional press leaks would bring.

At first blush, this story is easily written off as yet another unfortunate side effect of a life lived in front of the cameras, but what it also shows is some common sense. The children are a part of the conglomerate, whether they want to be or not, but they also are their own little people with strong moral compasses. Mason is a good kid. And it’s nice to see that he has some sense. Fame comes at you fast, but I suppose it’s what you do with the lessons it provide that matters.

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