Matt Lauer's Wife Annette Roque Is Rumored to Have Left the Country, Good for Her 

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According to Page Six, Annette Roque is believed to have rid herself of her husband and accused sexual assailant Matt Lauer, taking their three children to her family’s home in her native Netherlands. This, despite the fact that he’s really sorry.

As a probably-unnecessary reminder, the wraith who’s been haunting her for 20 years was fired from the “Today” show this week amidst accusations of serial sexual harassment and molestation, including one woman’s account that he used a “lock button” to trap her in his office and sexually assault her in 2001.

The marriage has long been strained, according to Page Six. One “well-placed source” tells the paper that Lauer offered Roque $5 million not to divorce him in 2006. (Lauer was again rumored to have left the marriage in 2014.) They write:

Annette briefly filed for divorce in 2006, claiming she suffered “cruel and inhumane” treatment from Lauer, who she said in legal documents was controlling and demonstrated “extreme anger and hostility.” She withdrew the divorce filing a month later.
Another well-placed source insisted that the reason Annette withdrew her divorce filing is that Lauer offered her a post-nuptial agreement at the time of the filing, offering her up to a rumored $5 million deal to remain in the marriage.

Lauer’s representatives declined to comment.

By the way, TMZ has unearthed this dry heave-inducing 2006 video of Lauer telling a woman they identify as Meredith Vieira:

Pretty sweater. Keep bending over like that. It’s a nice view.

Lauer is now searching a soul he purports to have. Will update if he finds one.

There are so many clips to choose from in Selena Gomez’s Billboard award acceptance on Thursday, but most importantly is the OUTRAGEOUS ASSERTION that nobody cares about her relationship with Justin Bieber. Just before her acceptance speech, she told Billboard:

“I mean, I don’t think anybody truly, actually cares.”

That is insane.

Gomez also tearfully thanked her friend Francia Raisa for giving her a kidney this summer. “To be honest, I think Francia should be getting this award because she saved my life,” she says, and I try not to cry.

Here’s some Christmas empowerment: LOVE Magazine has put out a video for its new lingerie calendar, in which a voiceover says “Women are the wave of the future” shortly before Emily Ratajkowski drops a handful of spaghetti on her chest.

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