Meet Sky, the Wire Fox Terrier Who Just Won the Westminster Dog Show


The winner of Tuesday night’s Westminster Dog Show is a 5-year-old wire fox terrier named Sky. “She just said, ‘Pick me,'” Best in Show judge Betty Regina Leininger said. “She is a beautiful wire. She really made us proud.”

According to the New York Times, terriers have won Westminster 46 times in 138 years, making them the most popular group of dog. Sky’s owner, Gabriel Rangel, won Best in Show with another terrier in 2010.

Apparently the audience really wanted this Bloodhound Nathan to win, probably because they’d seen the movie Best in Show too many times.

I feel bad for these dogs – they’re always being touched even though they look like dirty mops and probably want to be left alone.

This is Allie, a Standard Poodle who won Reserve Best in Show (second place).

He’s not sad, his face just looks like this.

Dogs in motion.

Groups of dogs all talking about how much they look alike.

The true winner.

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