Meet the 70-Year-Old Man Addicted to Dressing Like a Creepy Sex Doll


“If I saw a 70-year-old man in the mirror, I’d quit this tomorrow,” says Robert, one of the men profiled on the latest season of TLC’s My Strange Addiction. Robert, who’s a female masker, is addicted to dressing as Sherry, a blonde bombshell up for anything. He’s been doing it for 12 years.

While the video is only a small clip of what the show will feature, it effectively depicts the amount of work and preparation that goes into dressing like a young woman made of vinyl and dreams. Robert has to fill the entire costume with baby powder over the bathtub “so it doesn’t stick,” and then there’s the underwear, the dresses—a little too matchy, if you ask me—and makeup.

This season of the show seems to be the most interesting yet (although that guy who fucked cars was pretty fascinating). People reports that you’ll meet a woman who gulps down air fresheners (is this dangerous? Y/N?), a woman who believes she’s in a longterm relationship with a ride and another woman who eats bricks. Also, remember the woman who ate clay masks only because she loved the taste of wet rocks? Here’s a video that will jog your nerve endings.

Image via TLC

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