Meet The Woman Behind North Dakota's Anti-Choice Fetal Heartbeat Bill, Passed By Senate Yesterday


Yesterday the North Dakota Senate appproved two strict anti-abortion bills that had been waiting to be approved since February. They’re now on their way to Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple for his signature, and he’s quite likely to sign them into law, given his own anti-choice themed changes to lengthen the abortion waiting period in the state. FMLLLL.

The Draconian bill is rather similar to the one passed in Arkansas—basically, the state has barred the practice of abortion entirely if a fetal heartbeat can be detected, regardless of the presence of any genetic abnormality that may have otherwise caused the mother to opt for termination. Doctors who perform the procedure despite the existence of a fetal heartbeat may face a felony charge with a punishment of $5,000 and up to five years in prison.

Who’s behind this, you ask? The movement was sponsored by five-term State Representative in North Dakota by the name of Bette Grande, whose other brain droppings include a bill that demands “returning tuition to college students if their instructors don’t speak English ‘with good pronunciation'” and naming February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day in North Dakota. Way to go, Bette Grande.

Additionally, Grande is a religious Christian and “family woman,” which is more-or-less Christian code for “someone who would never put herself above a tiny, formless cluster of cells like you SELFISH HARLOTS.” Above, you can watch her talk about Jesus.

The issues hit close to her, she said, having relatives with children born with a genetic abnormality and seeing an increase in discrimination toward individuals with Down syndrome and other genetic issues.
“It takes you back to Hitler, and we know where that went,” she said. “He started going after those with abnormalities, and I think it’s an absurdity we would go back to that kind of thing.”

The underlying thing here is something huge and stupidly basic that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to understand Christians like Grande: Aren’t they supposed to think that Jesus was nice? Because they make Jesus seem like a real asshole.

‘Woman Behind North Dakota’s Abortion Ban Hates Abortion Because Hitler’ [The Atlantic]

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