Megan Thee Stallion Throws It Back to the ’90s with ‘Plan B’

Plus, twigs gets into self-care, Shakira goes Balearic, KAYTRANADA rerubs the Weeknd, and PinkPantheress and WILLOW get catty.

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Megan Thee Stallion Throws It Back to the ’90s with ‘Plan B’

This is the groove!: Megan thee Stallion, “Plan B” – Those who were lucky enough to attend Coachella’s debut weekend were able to get the first dose of Megan thee Stallion’s new single, “Plan B.” The almost soulful gem with a ‘90s R&B twist has a not-so hidden homage to Jodeci’s 1995 track “Freek’n You”—specifically, its remix with Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. The Houston-born rapper has mastered the art of infusing sweet nostalgia with the present vibes. “Plan B” definitely plays with the depths of emotions familiar to those of us who’ve experienced the rawness of relationships. It’s going to be a classic in no time! —Ezinne Ukoha

Oh my god, yes: FKA Twigs, “Oh My Love” – FKA twigs’ latest single opens with our girl recalling an all-too-universal tale about dating a man who clearly doesn’t want as much from the relationship as she does. Not unlike twigs’ other work, it’s an ethereal ear-worm, at once urgent and airy, but it still packs a punch or two (“I could be with anyone/I’m fussy like a pussy cat”). In the shortened video released this week, twigs has herself a self-care day and not only gets a fresh set, but a self-esteem boost from her manicurist (friend, Abigail Sakari). The visual, expertly matched with the outro (“Fuck crying over these stupid boys that don’t even recognize the worth in themselves/Just tryna steal your youth”) is the jolt every person plagued by an attraction to men so desperately needs. —Audra Heinrichs

Oh wow, I’ve been seduced: The Weeknd and KAYTRANADA, “Out of Time” – KAYTRANADA’s remix of The Weeknd’s hit is quite possibly the soundtrack to my dreams, and arguably far better than the original solo song. Abel’s voice sounds even more like caramel on top of this mix—also. something I had previously thought unimaginable. It may spawn new religions, cults, and fanaticism—all signs of really great music, right? Considering most post-release remixes are so-so, this feels like an even more pronounced win for K. —Emily Leibert

Meow!: PinkPantheress featuring WILLOW, “Where you are” – A winsome study in contrasts, “Where you are” pairs the murmuring of U.K. bedroom junglist PinkPantheress with U.S. pop culture royalty Willow Smith’s emo-ting. The track itself intertwines a rickety and gentle garage beat with alterna-guitars, and the results are not unlike the goes-down-easy concoctions of late Everything But the Girl, at least in feel (if not explicitly sonically). Paththeress makes it mew-step, while Willow roars. —Rich Juzwiak

Jfc, yes: Florence + The Machine, “Free” – I’m actually giggling at the moment, as I’m convinced Florence took a little gander around my brain while I was sleeping and thought, “Ah, certainly, a song about anxiety and dancing, I’ve got you bitch.” Florence’s latest single ahead of her new album drop is equal parts depressing and bursting with joy, and the music video only heightens the song’s loving approach to combating depression. “For a moment, when I’m dancing, I’m free,” the songstress coos, and you bet I’m coo-ing back, as Florence delivers a moment for all of us to experience that same, just-out-of-reach freedom. If you’re not bopping around your kitchen to this, what are you even doing?? —EL

Balearic!: Shakira and Rauw Alejandro, “Te Felicito” – This is slow-mo, cosmic disco marketed to the masses for the first time since…I don’t know, Carly Simon’s “Why,” maybe? What a wonderful thing to play with! —RJ

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