How the Relationship Between Meghan Markle and the Press Turned Sour


What’s not to love about Meghan Markle: She’s an American member of the royal family who wears beautiful clothing on her tours around the world to hang out with, like, Beyonce at the Lion King premiere. But the British press has been decidedly ruthless towards Megan. In often racist coverage, she’s been depicted as “Princess Pushy,” a woman who routinely breaks with royal custom out of selfishness and ignorance. The tension has become so great Markle and Prince Harry launched a lawsuit against the Daily Mail’s parent company, with Harry releasing a statement condemning what he described as “ruthless action” from the British media.

But there’s a fundamental difference in the way the British media thinks about the royal family—they’re not celebrities, but glorified civil servants, who receive public funds and deserve the requisite scrutiny. In Kelly Faircloth’s latest royal video, we break down the origins of the often contentious relationship between Markle and the British media.

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