Meghan Markle Was in a Crappy Romcom Once Because She's Just Like Us

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I love Meghan Markle because she is living proof that if you keep at it with the food blog and calligraphy courses, they really do pay off! I also love her because she inhabits a 24/7 rolling loop of that Pretty Woman scene where Julia Roberts walks into the haute couture shop and shouts: “Remember me? Big mistake! Huge!” Every child who didn’t invite her to their slumber party will regret it for the rest of their adult life; every man who rejected her advances will see her beaming in Givenchy at her millions of royal subjects; every post-production person who mislabelled her bit part in the 2005 Ashton Kutcher vehicle A Lot Like Love as, simply, “Hot Girl,” in the end credits will rue that fuck-up forever. That actually happened, and here is that under-appreciated performance:

Her character’s name is Natalie.

Now it is Your Highness, to you.

Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney are currently standing next to each other because they’re co-starring in Amazon’s Homecoming, but she knows you want to see My Best Friend’s Wedding 2, in which Kimmy and Michael divorce so that Michael and George can get married, and Jules can have their baby, and Kimmy can be the godmother, in my ideal scenario.

At the tender age of nine months, Chicago West has finally produced her first product endorsement, bringing much pride and social media capital to the Kardashian-Jenner-West dynasty. David LaChapelle was there to photograph the moment for KKW Beauty so that all milestones will be remembered and summarily monetized.

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