Meghan McCain Had to Find Out on Twitter That Her Dad Went to Syria


According to a series of Monday-afternoon reports, Sen. John McCain slipped into Syria with the ninja-like grace of a small reptile, maybe a snake, although not a mean, poisonous snake. Probably a peacemaking garter snake (snakes make for positive images, you guys). He became, announced the Daily Beast, the highest-ranking U.S. official to enter Syria since a violent civil war tore the country apart over two years ago, and he didn’t even tell his daughter that he was leaving.

Meghan McCain took to Twitter to tell the world that she was just as shocked to learn about her dad’s trip to Syria as any other hapless Twitter user:

This tweet of bemusement was rapidly followed by a few accusations of egotism, some scattershot insults about Meghan being fired from the McCain presidential campaign, and a sardonic tweet about how dads never tell their daughters anything.

Meanwhile, pretty much everyone else was busy lauding John McCain’s diplomatic efforts.


Image via Getty, Neilsen Barnard

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