'Megxit' Was Prince Harry's Idea All Along

'Megxit' Was Prince Harry's Idea All Along
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The notoriously racist UK tabloids have spent the last few months suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent defection to North America was all because Markle wanted to “steal” a British prince. That is, of course, total bullshit. In fact, it turns out Markle had very little to do with the decision altogether.

According to The Sun, a new Prince Harry biography titled Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, documents Harry’s decision to leave the royal life behind. Harry reportedly had been “unhappy for a long, long time,” and Meghan went along with Harry, not the other way around.

A source told The Sun:

“He wanted to move in the direction that they did and had been considering it for more than a year.
“Meghan supported Harry’s decision. But there was more than one occasion where she asked him if he was certain it was what he wanted.
“And she always made it clear she would support him in whatever he did.”

It makes sense. Being a royal looks like it sucks—you have to wear a suit all the time, the tabloids won’t lay off of you, and your only “friends” are these boring people.

Apparently, Harry hates the term “Megxit” because it implies Meghan was the one who wanted to leave the U.K., though it is a convenient pun. Perhaps “Susxit” is better? Sorry, I am very tired.

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