Megyn Kelly, Racism Expert, Is Unconvinced Something As Racist As Blackface Is Actually Racist


Who but Megyn Kelly, staunch defender of Santa Claus’s Right to Be White, could be trusted to declare something as decidedly racist as blackface isn’t actually racist at all? No one, that’s who (except for all of these people who are similarly “not” taking part in systemic racism, no sirree!)

Indeed, Kelly tackled minstrelsy Tuesday morning on Megyn Kelly Today, a very bad program that has netted her a salary so big, it is reportedly more than twice Al Roker’s and Tamron Hall’s salaries combined. “What is racist?” she declared to the panel full of white people she convened to discuss offensive Halloween costumes. “On Halloween you’ve got guys with fake axes coming out of their heads. It’s going to be jarring.”

Never mind that fake axes and gore don’t have the same dehumanizing history as blackface, because when Kelly was a kid, blackface was “okay,” and as a very wise “not” racist woman who may or may not have also been Megyn Kelly once said about Santa Claus, “Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change.”

Thanks, Kelly, for the discourse:

It was also once “okay” to require people of color to drink from a separate water fountain from white people, but never mind that! Megyn Kelly has a $69 million three year contract, so it is only fair that she be permitted to decide what is racist and what is not.

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