Men Promise Brooklyn Women 8 to 12 Inches, Deliver 4.3


Typical dudes, amirite, ladies?

Last night, New York City shut all the way down over fears that a crippling, historic, epic, life threatening, mother-upsetting, tubthumping storm would dump up to three feet of snow on the city. By late in the evening, those estimates were adjusted downward. Only 8-12 inches expected, they said, though meteorologists insisted a blizzard threat remained. By morning, even that threat dissipated; while Boston awoke to more than 20 inches of new snow thanks to the storm whose Weather Channel name I’ve already forgotten, parts of Brooklyn got less than five inches.

Gary Szatkowski, the meteorologist who heads up the National Weather Service’s office in Mt. Holly, NJ, issued a series of tweets last night apologizing to the public for overestimating just how many inches would greet people of New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

It’s ok, Gary. Happens to a lot of guys.

Image via The Weather Channel.

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