Michele Bachmann Is Second-Best Evangelical Candidate, After Jesus


Evangelical voters are apparently turning away from Mitt Romney and embracing Michele Bachmann. Reason: “she speaks our code.”

According to the Huffington Post, Gov. Haley Barbour told a crowd of Christian conservatives last week that “There’s only been one perfect person that ever walked on this earth. And there ain’t gonna be another one in this election” (for infidels, he’s talking about Jesus). But apparently Michele Bachmann is pretty close. Supporter Phil Dacosta told HuffPo, “She comes from us, not to us. She speaks our code, and we believe her.” Added Harold White, “We are moving away from Romney and Huntsman. Their Mormon beliefs are just so different from Christianity.”

At a Friday event, Bachmann led a prayer, saying, “Father God, we want all men to come to know you.” As inclusive as this statement seems, it certainly excludes all those who don’t want to know the Christian God. And the idea that Bachmann speaks in a code understandable only to Christian conservatives is a little upsetting for all the rest of us who might like to know what she’s saying. A lot of her appeal to right-wingers isn’t terribly mystifying — she wants to get rid of “Obamacare” and defund Planned Parenthood. Still, I’d like a copy of the decoder ring that makes her sound sane.

For Evangelicals, Bachmann ‘Speaks Our Code’ [Huffington Post]

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