Michele Bachmann Leads The Fight Against Answering Questions


If it’s Sunday, it’s time for another heroically delusional morning news show performance from our favorite GOP gal, Michele Bachmann. This time she faced off with Christiane Amanpour on This Week. Strangely enough the two women are wearing almost the exact same outfit, which makes this appearance rather like an experiment in which you control for all possible visual factors and then judge the subjects based solely on what’s coming out of their mouths. (Advantage: Amanpour.) Or you could look at it like a battle between good and evil, where good and evil are wearing the same sweater.

Either way, what this matchup revealed is that one woman in red is highly capable of listening to what’s being said and asking questions based on that information. The other woman in red seems to live in her own reality where a “question” isn’t so much something that requires an answer as it is an opportunity to begin expounding on one’s “messages.”

Amanpour at one point asks directly about the consequences of losing the Iowa caucus, “What would happen if you didn’t win there…would that doom your effort?” But no answer—not even a made-up, positive-spin answer—is forthcoming, instead Bachmann goes to her happy place:

Really the most important thing right now is the positive message that we’re putting out in every state. People see me as a reformer and a fighter. That’s what sets me apart in this race from all the candidates.

Not sure what exactly is particularly positive about that message, but we’d better enjoy the only slightly lucid musings of Bachmann while we can because signs point to her effort being doomed whether she likes it or not.

Seven Best Moments From Sunday Talk [Daily Beast]

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