Michele Bachmann Says Iraq Should Reimburse U.S. For War Expenses


You know how every time Michele Bachmann opens her mouth it’s kind of exciting because you never know what’s going to come out, but then it’s also terrifying because you’re worried whatever she says will be taken seriously? Well, brace yourselves because today she’s dropped a real doozy: she thinks the people of Iraq should pay us back for all of the money we spent invading them.

Hahaha, what? Is this some kind of Halloween prank? Nope. She’s mentioned that they owe us big-time before, but now she’s going all out. Read it and weep from whatever mixture of shock/dread/amusement/emptiness comes over you:

“I believe that Iraq should reimburse the United States fully for the amount of money that we have spent to liberate these people. They are not a poor country. They’re a wealthy country.”

Deep breaths. Let’s just take one second to collect ourselves… Everybody good? Okay, on the one hand, this idea is actually the most practical solution she’s put forward for resolving the deficit crisis that she is supposedly so worried about. On the other hand, this is batshit insane. We invaded Iraq! On purpose! Because we wanted to, not because they begged us to “liberate” them. Is she just playing dumb or does she really genuinely not understand how war works, because that is entirely possible. Either way, even if she runs with this idea and presents Iraq with a giant trillion dollar invoice, it seems highly unlikely that anyone there is going cut us a big vanity check and hand it over at some kind of repayment ceremony. So for now, let’s all close our eyes and pretend to be sleeping, and maybe if she thinks we can’t hear her, she’ll finally stop talking.

Bachmann: Iraq Should ‘Fear’ America, Reimburse War Costs [Huffington Post]

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