Michelle Obama Fighting Junk Food with Other Celebrities


The first lady is getting celebrities involved in her excellent campaign to promote healthy foods to unhealthy America. According to Politico, participating celebrities for the campaign to get mothers and teens to eat better includes actresses Jessica Alba and Kristin Bell, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

“If folks are going to pour money into marketing for unhealthy foods, then let’s fight back with ads for healthy foods,” she said last week at the Partnership for a Healthier America. And that’s why she hired big fancy mad men to roll out the campaign.

From Politico:

The new “FNV” (fruits and vegetables) marketing campaign — a concept designed by top ad agency Victor & Spoils — is designed to target Americans in the exact same way that big food companies have for decades. The produce industry, which struggles with tight margins, perishability and a decentralized market, has historically not been able to afford expensive advertising campaigns.

This certainly isn’t the first time the White House has tried to get us to eat our vegetables. Politico recalls:

The White House has also fought vociferously to defend a new mandate that a half cup of fruits or vegetables is part of every federally reimbursed school meal — a requirement that has become the flash point of an ongoing political battle between Republicans on Capitol Hill and the White House over school lunch standards.

And let’s never forget this:

Image via AP

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