Michigan Man Faces Jail Time After Reading Wife's Email


A Michigan man is having the book thrown at him after accessing his wife’s gmail account and discovering she was having an affair. Once, when you were in college, you checked your boyfriend’s facebook messages. Jail for you too!

The law being used to prosecute the email-snooper was designed to protect trade secrets and prevent corporate espionage rather than prevent intramarital spying, and thus if he’s convicted it could set a precedent with far reaching implications. Did you accidentally read a text message over your significant other’s shoulder? That’s a paddlin’. Did you log onto your computer without realizing that your girlfriend was still signed on to her Tumblr? Highway trash pickup duty for you!

No matter what the outcome, the entire case is tragic; at the end of the day, the man who checked his wife’s email discovered she was having an affair with her ex-husband and now the two are divorced, the man’s on trial, and his ex wife was, for a time at least, back in the arms of her former abuser. And there’s a child involved.

Readers, how do you feel about this? Have you ever checked the email of someone who wasn’t you in hopes of discovering evidence of something bad? Did you feel totally guilty afterward and give the guy the best blow job you could possibly muster and promise yourself you’d never to do it again? No? Just me?

Is Reading Wife’s Email A Crime? Rochester Hills Man Faces Trial [Detroit Free Press]

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