Miguel Says, 'I'm Very Sexual,' Definitely Proves It


Miguel is getting ready to release a new album (Wildheart, out in June), and as part of the promotion for said album, he went on Hot97 to talk to Nessa about threesomes, “sport fucking” and “empty sex.”

During the interview, Miguel discussed his long-time girlfriend, model Nazanin Mandi, explaining that he takes marriage very seriously and isn’t just going to get engaged to get engaged. (Of the breakups they’ve had in the past: “I can always go back to, I wrote songs about you girl! You are forever immortalized in my music!”) He also touched on the new lawsuit against him over his Billboard Music Awards performance, which he said seemed “calculated,” timing-wise, noting, “I don’t blame myself for the things that I do, because I know where it comes from. It comes from a very pure place, just living in the moment and wanting everything to be a moment. I can’t run away from things that were mistakes. All I can say is that I handle my business.”

Anyway. The sex. “This album is just sex,” Miguel told Nessa. Here are some other things he said about the things that a man and a woman do together.

On whether booty calls can turn into relationships

If there’s no nothing else, nah.

On threesomes and getting a woman to do one

I think every relationship is their own. … When people are together, that’s theirs. That’s their thing.
Let her do it. Don’t bring that shit up. Don’t do it. You have to get to a place where you and her are so on the same page that she’s comfortable.
I honestly believe that if a woman is comfortable with you — women find other women beautiful. And so if they’re so solid with you, they just might be open-minded on that rare night…

On “empty sex”

At the end of the day, empty sex is lame. Sport fucking was cool when I was younger, it was like, ah I did that, cool, whatever. Empty sex is just…I’m over that shit.

On the craziest sexual experience he’s ever had

Uhh, there’s a lot, fuck. Threesomes are fun, really really fun. But there’s been some real bad threesomes too, where it’s like, you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re okay but this is not right, this is not my vibe. I love to be in control, but when there’s no rhythm, I can’t find no rhythm with either of you? This is pretty tough. So great times like, both of them amazing rhythm, there’s connection, and it’s fun. Yeah yeah, I think that was here in New York.

The pièce de résistance

I would rather fuck the shit out of someone that I’d like, we have something in common, that’s the real basis, then someone that is like, fucking beautiful, and she’s like, whatever, she’ll let me do whatever I want to her, she’ll let me bring her homegirl or whatever, we can do whatever we want, but there’s no nothing.

Image via Miguel’s video for “Do You,” a very sexy song

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