Mila Kunis Is Surprisingly Candid About Her Personal Life


Maybe it’s just that she hasn’t done much press lately, but during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, Mila Kunis seemed super open about how sweet fiancé Ashton Kutcher has been to her during her pregnancy and how the pair managed to keep their engagement a secret.

Mila told Ellen that Ashton is really into the baby. He’s preemptively stocked their second fridge with “weird food” like pickles and ice cream in case Mila had odd cravings and has been learning Russian so he can speak it to their child when it’s born. Very nice. The stuff the staff at Star would put on their cover with a crying photo of Demi Moore next to it.

Mila also said that she and Ashton were engaged for two months without anybody noticing she was wearing a ring, which she speculated was because “everybody had assumed we’d been engaged for so long.” Are we all missing things because we are so jaded about the celebrity industrial complex?! This will not stand.

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