Miley Cyrus' Mom Bought Her A New Dog Already

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Parents just don’t understand. In an attempt to help her get over the death of her dog Floyd, Miley Cyrus‘ mother went and bought her a new puppy because the only way to properly grieve death is to find a replacement. Last night Cyrus inflated a giant replica of her dog at her concert to mourn, so maybe her mother underestimated the gravity of the situation. Anyway, the new pup’s name is Moonie, and Cyrus is struggling a bit:

Sigh, death of pets is hard and everything, but pull it together. You can do this, Cyrus. [Huffington Post]

JC Chasez is joining the cast Jesus Christ Superstar Tour, which is starting to look like a sort of purgatory for overshadowed late 90s music stars. Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams is in it. Incubus’ Brandon Boyd is in it. But then again, former Sex Pistol and all-around douchebag Johnny Rotten is also in it, so maybe it’s more hell than purgatory. [People]

  • In Real Housewives getting married news, Kandi Burruss got married and so did Taylor Armstrong. Not to each other though. [In Touch/People]
  • Reality TV and gossip algorithm generator Kris Jenner would like you to know that despite wearing their wedding rings and traveling to Thailand together, she and Bruce Jenner are still separated. [TMZ]
  • This headline is out of control: “Pretty Scary! Julia Roberts Ex-Military Security Guards Slam Dunk Crazed Intruder Into Cactus At Her $9.5M Malibu Home” [Radar Online]
  • Uh oh. Zayn Malik from One Direction is going to try his hand at rapping. [Inquisitr]
  • Kaley Cuoco got breast implants at 18, and says it was “the best decision I ever made.” [NYDN]
  • Olivia Wilde took Jason Sudeikis to visit her ol’ super prestigious high school Phillips Academy which is some next level relationship shit. [People]
  • Bethenny Frankel is writing a kids book titled Cookie and Peanut. Okay. [People]
  • I love this picture of Drew Barrymore and Ciara next to a giant oven for Safe Kids Day in LA. Get it?! It’s ’cause they have buns in their ovens! [Pop Sugar]
  • Pharrell, who turned 41 yesterday (41!!1!!) had a Spongebob Squarepants-themed birthday party, which is the birthday party of my dreams. [Just Jared]
  • Pregnant Alyssa Milano is not having twins. She’s just regular pregnant. [People]

Lead image via Getty and Twitter.

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