Miley's New Single Art Features Her Entire Right Boob and a Blunt


Provocative chanteuse Miley Cyrus has done it again! Of course, by “it” I mean “taken her clothes off with the correct assumption that in response she will be rewarded with attention.” This time, we get to see her boob. HER WHOLE ENTIRE BOOB.

Also, she’s holding what appears to be a smokable paper cylinder that looks an awful lot like a marijuana cigarette, and she’s posed on the back of a white horse, which everyone who asked their parents uncomfortable questions in the 1980’s knows is slang for heroin (or, if the white horse is actually a pony, then it’s slang for cocaine. Either way, Miley is basically the mayor of drugtown). I don’t know what we expected, guys. She told us a whole bunch of times that she can’t be tamed.

The cover art is for a remix of her “Adore You” single and features the former Ms. Montana laying astride a plaster horse wearing nothing but a Krysten Ritter wig and a pair of white skivvies. According to Nerve, it was “leaked” online. I’d say it smells a lot like it was strategically leaked. Strateaked, if we’re making portmanteaus today.

Anyway, here it is, ya pervs.

To quote another Jezebel staffer: “That’s exactly how I thought her boobs would look.” Okay then!

Is it a Katy Perry homage? Is it a reference to Equus? Is it just an attempt to convince kids that drugs and boobs are cool? Does anything really come from anywhere anymore or is everything just everybody trying to make something of the nothing? These answers, like the answers to most of life’s questions, elude us.

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