Minors Banned from Using Tanning Beds in New Jersey, and It's All Tan Mom's Fault


Bad news for tweens and high-school kids hoping to be dark like Snooki and The Gang: Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill banning those under the age of 17 from using commercial tanning beds.

The legislation came to be after the Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil incident, although Tan Mom always denied that her daughter was inside the tanning bed, insisting the 5-year-old was just in the same room.

According to Reuters:

Christie said that while he does not favor government regulation of small business, the new law was important for protecting the safety of minors.
“Governmental regulation of the private sector should always be carefully scrutinized, and sparingly adopted,” he said in a statement. “The new restrictions imposed by this bill followed a single but breathlessly reported incident of a parent bringing a minor child into a tanning facility.”

Of course, Governor Christie can’t regulate spring break or guidos or slathering yourself in Coppertone 4 all summer. Sixteen-year-olds hoping to get brown will find a way.

(If you haven’t seen clips from the tanning episode of True Life, check out how obsessed those teens are with keeping tan.)

[Reuters, USA Today]

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