Missing the Drama of Downton? Party with British Lords on Weekend Aristocrats


If you’re already missing maudlin Matthew, or going batty without sad sack Bates, there’s a new reality show from Plum TV (airing on Hulu… not sure where else?) that’s all about being hella British and owning historic manses. It’s called Weekend Aristocrats, and I’m getting addicted.

It’s a “modern-day British Lords open their grand estates to paying guests”, but mainly it’s crazy old titled people saying things like “This castle used to house monarchs, but now you can throw an all-night sex rave* for the right price!” Also, everyone’s named “Ye Olde Sir Humphrey Humphrey Wakefield Broomstick Chillingworth Spotted Dick Samuel Smith Righty O, Esq.” Delightful.

*Is a sex rave a thing? Or ??

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