Mistress Knew Jesse & Sandra Were Married; Lindsay Blacklisted For Lying About India Trip?

  • Sources say Michelle “Bombshell” McGee received $30,000 for her interview with In Touch about her alleged affair with Jesse James, and McGee’s claim that she didn’t know James was still married to Sandra Bullock is totally bogus.
  • One source says McGee hoped sleeping with Bullock’s husband would be her ticket to “mainstream celebrity” and she was still texting James on March 14, days after Bullock’s Oscar win. [Technorati via Us]
  • As mentioned earlier, Jesse James apologized today to Sandra Bullock and his children (for…?), though he says “the vast majority” of the allegations against him are “untrue and unfounded.” “There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me,” he said. “It’s because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way… This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.” [People]
  • Here’s how Sandra Bullock found out about whatever Jesse James was apologizing for: “In Touch magazine had called Sandra’s publicist Monday morning to let her know the magazine was going to print an explosive cover story … saying her husband was cheating,” said a source at the magazine. “At first, camp Sandra dismissed the story until they understood that the magazine had the alleged mistress, tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, on the record telling all.” [Popeater]
  • This may explain why Jesse James abruptly deleted his Twitter page on Wednesday: He and Michelle McGee were following each other. You can still see what she wrote to him, but it’s all boring, vague stuff like, “Sometimes to love yourself…you need to just walk away.” [Radar]
  • A photographer who has worked with Michelle McGee says that he thinks she’s lying about her affair with Jesse James because, “Michelle Bombshell told my wife’s ex-boyfriend that I tried to hit on her and that “if she had known he had a wife… Same thing she said about Jesse. She is full of shit.” [Perez]
  • Michelle McGee shot some NSFW ads for Coffin Couches, and Jesse James happens to own one of the couches. It’s unclear if this is the couch upon which their torrid love affair commenced. [Animal NY]
  • Here’s a clip from a video filmed by the owner of the strip club where Michelle McGee works, in which she and two other strippers instruct men on how to pick up women. [Radar]
  • Though Sandra Bullock took her step-kids to school last week, Jesse James was spotted taking them to school himself today. [Star]
  • It seems Jesse James‘ ex-wife Janine Lindemulder has weighed in on the situation: She Tweeted recently, “Thank God For My Faithful Hubby!!” [Radar]
  • Donald Trump, who has worked with both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James says, “Jesse did something very foolish – obviously… I think it’s very unfortunate. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? But I can say this Sandra is a high-quality person and I respect her tremendously.” [Star]
  • As if this week isn’t bad enough for Jesse James, his dog Cinnabun is missing again. [TMZ]
  • A “close friend” claims Kate Winslet left Sam Mendes after he told her one woman wasn’t enough for him. “Sam had been really withdrawn and had shut himself away from her,” claims the source. “They then had this big talk and he told her ‘people can’t be inspired by just one relationship. For me, it’s never going to be about one relationship… life is a series of relationships. Kate told him ‘For me it is, that’s what I want’, but Sam replied ‘Well, that’s not what I want’ and they both knew the marriage could not go on, it was hopeless.” [Daily Mail]
  • Lindsay Lohan may be banned from India for lying about rescuing child workers during her trip to film a BBC documentary last year. Though Lindsay Tweeted, “Over 40 children saved so far … Within one day’s work … This is what life is about … Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!” she only arrived after the raids were over and did not personally rescue any children. She also broke India’s visa laws by entering the country as a tourist, then working for the BBC. [Telegraph]
  • Michael Lohan is at home resting after undergoing heart surgery. “The doctors told me my arteries were 10-20 percent precluded but they were able to blow them out,” Lohan said. “I feel a little winded and a little out of breath, but I’m ok. They told me that inside, I have the body of a 30-year-old, but that I need to go on medication for stress. I’ve got to keep my stress down.” [Radar]
  • Roman Polanski‘s lawyers filed an appeals petition today asking the court to act on an emergency basis in light of new sealed testimony that there was inappropriate contact between the judge in the original case and two prosecutors. (This is in addition to the potential judicial misconduct discussed in the documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired.) Polanski’s lawyers want the court to sentence him to time served immediately, or at least make the sealed testimony available to Swiss authorities. [N.Y.T.]
  • Lady Gaga‘s ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari has filed a $35 million suit against her, claiming she ditched him after he co-wrote some of her songs, came up with her stage name, and helped her get a record deal. Ooh la la! [USA Today]
  • The National Enquirer reported this week that Whitney Houston is headed to rehab after a “horrifying backstage collapse.” Her lawyer says, “Whitney is not headed to rehab. She is headed to Paris, where she will be continuing her world tour.” [Us]
  • Corey Haim‘s death certificate has been released, and as was leaked earlier, the cause of death is listed as “deferred.” [TMZ]
  • Here’s footage from a reality show Corey Haim was working on called Lost Boy Found, about his attempt to get sober while pursuing a music career. [E!]
  • In one of Tiger Woods creepy text messages to Joslyn James, he says “Don’t Fucking talk to me. You almost just ruined my whole life.” A source says Tiger was mad because James stayed in his room while he was entertaining investors from Dubai and they could have seen her. [TMZ]
  • Yesterday Ryan Seacrest Tweeted after taping an episode of American Idol that his guests for his Thursday radio show would include “tonight’s voted off-idol Lacey Brown.” The only problem: The show hadn’t aired yet on the west coast. [L.A.T.]
  • Paula Abdul will not be hosting the new Star Search because contract negotiations broke down yesterday. “A deadline was given and no agreement was reached,” said a source. “And she was offered a lot of money.” [Radar]
  • Erin Andrews says her DWTS partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy is designing her costumes for the show. “I have no problem with the costumes because this is a professional dancer so they know what they are doing and I trust them. I don’t look at it as wearing a short skirt or that you are wearing something skimpy,” Andrews says. “It’s what they do for a living. It’s their profession so I think it’s cool to be a part of it.” [Us]
  • DWTS dancer Mark Ballas says of Kate Gosselin, “I’m not the type of person to judge… And I’m not going to be like ‘I don’t like her, but, I mean, she’s pretty, you know, standoffish, which is kind of weird.” [Us]
  • Kris Jenner says Scott Disick is “trying to be a good dad, trying to be a good boyfriend… Trying to step it up and be responsible.” Do or do not. There is no try! [Us]
  • It as been revealed that the father of Padma Lakshmi‘s baby is Adam Dell, but she says, “I have a newborn! I just want some peace and privacy.” A source says that a report that Lakshmi and Dell are trying to work out a new custody arrangement is, “inaccurate. There already is a very fair agreement in place.” [People]
  • Apparently Britney Spears and Jason Trawick haven’t split; they were photographed holding hands yesterday. [TMZ]
  • Paula Deen is suing Celebrity Chefs Tours because she claims the tour defamed her by making it sound like she had quit for no reason, when she actually left the tour after a $150,000 paycheck bounced. [TMZ]
  • Celebrity photographer Harry Langdon’s says that when he shot portraits of Angelina Jolie when she was 15-years-old, he noticed she “had an animalistic quality,” so he asked her to get on all fours. “Not everybody can do that. you have to be agile and slim and have good knees,” he explained. [Radar]
  • Cue the “did he see it coming” quips: Heidi Montag has fired her manager/psychic Aiden Chase. A source says Heidi was “horrified” when he showed up on set, “demanding a significant portion of her Hills money.” Chase also tried to get Audrina Patridge to hire him. “He’s this creepy older guy who is clearly preying on these young girls. It’s awful,” adds the source. [Us]
  • At the funeral of Michael Bryan, Marie Osmond‘s son, her daughter Rachael Blosil said, “A couple of years ago I asked Michael to give me away at my wedding. For those of you who don’t know the situation, my father and I don’t get along too well, so I figured since [Michael] knew me the best, he should have that right.” [People]
  • Boy George, whose new single “Amazing Grace” comes out next week, says, “I’ve done a lot of procrastinating in the last few years. I had my drug addiction, which got in the way of everything to do with work. Since getting clean, it seems the natural thing to do. Probably over the last few years, if you’d have asked people exactly what I do, they probably would have said, ‘Oh, he gets arrested a lot.’ So I wanted to remind people that I’m a musician and an entertainer.” [The Sun]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow discovered the charms of Nashville while filming Love Don’t Let Me Down. “Never have I met such warm people, heard such good music, eaten so much fried chicken. I could go on and on,” she said. [People]
  • Glee spoilers from Jane Lynch here: [E!]
  • Jason Alexander, whose real name is Jay Scott Greenspan, says his stage name came from, “Alexander the Great, clearly. Okay, I lied. I thought I would be Jason Scott, but when I went to register in the union with that name, it was taken with every possible spelling – including Jaisin Skot. Feeling badly about not using my family name, I made a snap decision to take my dad’s first name as my last one for the stage. Hence – Jason Alexander.” [Mental Floss]
  • Here are a few audio snippets of Chloe Sevigny talking about her roles in Mr. Nice, Barry Munday, and Big Love at SXSW. [NYT]
  • In an interview, Katie Price accidentally said “me and Pete,” referring to ex-husband Peter Andre, rather than her current husband Alex Reid. [The Mirror]
  • Kristen Stewart says of filming racy scenes with Dakota Fanning for The Runaways, “I think there’s been numerous, numerous films with kids who aren’t 18 that play older [characters]. And, in this case, she’s playing her age and there’s nothing exploitative about the movie. It’s all very natural.” [ET]
  • An Us reporter asked Kristen Stewart if she hopes The Runaways does better than Robert Pattinson‘s Remember Me at the box office and she just laughed. Us]
  • Robert Pattinson says, “I don’t have any desire to do that (the party scene). I really don’t. I don’t request anything from anyone so I don’t want them to ask things of me. There are actors who want that attention and the paparazzi feel they have a right for me to give them something. But I don’t care about any of that stuff.” [Daily Express]
  • At the link Sam Rockwell discusses his role in the Broadway play A Behanding In Spokane. [Gothamist]
  • “Great sex means it can go on for hours – and I’m not talking, like, Sting… You take a break. You eat something. You talk, you laugh, you hang out. It’s ongoing and it’s sexy, and your whole life can be like that,” says Dana Delany, adding, “Of course, you end up having a lot of orgasms, which is a bonus.” [The Sun]
  • At the premiere of his film Hot Tub Time Machine, Chevy Chase said, “The worst thing about the 80s was the 90s!” [Mirror]
  • John Cusack says Hot Tub Time Machine is, “The Godfather of recreational water-based time travel movies. It may be the most important hot tub movie ever made in the pantheon of great hot tub time travel movies. It’s the Citizen Kane of hot tub movies!” [Mirror]
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