Mitt Romney Doesn't Think 'Binders Full of Women' Lost Him Any Votes


In an interview this week with world softball-question champion Katie Couric, two-time loser Mitt “Mittens” Romney says he’s not running for president again because it doesn’t “feel right.” He also doesn’t believe that “binders full of women” lost him any votes, although he does wish “I would have said that differently.” I bet.

Romney told Couric that he’s concluded he’s not the best person to be the Republican nominee, something the rest of the country has probably also concluded.

“It just didn’t feel right,” Romney told Couric. “Somehow, it just didn’t feel like this was the right time for us to step forward. I would love to be president. I just concluded I was not the best person to carry forward the Republican torch.”

As Politico points out, he’s still not sure that “binders full of women” lost him the lady vote (even though the binders story was also not true. Mitt didn’t build those binders.)

Romney said he’d misspoken and then the press “harangued” him with the phrasing, which is actually fairly true. But, he adds, “I don’t think I lost any votes for that.”

The non-president does believe, though, that he could have made “greater efforts at communicating to minority voters in this country the policies that I think are right to help minority families.” That might have helped. It probably would’ve also been better had he not been recorded saying scoffing, dismissive things about the “47 percent” who believe “that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.” That one also did some damage.

For now, Romney’s biggest future plan is a May charity boxing bout against Evander Holyfield; Ann Romney told Couric she’s already booked several physical therapy appointments following the fight.

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