Mitt Romney, Kyrsten Sinema Do Cringe-y Ted Lasso Bit After Screwing Over The American Public

Perhaps the joke of these costumes is that Ted Lasso is a good person, and these senators are not?

Mitt Romney, Kyrsten Sinema Do Cringe-y Ted Lasso Bit After Screwing Over The American Public
Photo:Mitt Romney/Twitter (Fair Use)

Republican Senator Mitt Romney and allegedly Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema love to play dress-up! The duo seemed to be having a great time cosplaying as Ted Lasso and his boss, Rebecca, for Halloween, while simultaneously refusing to raise a single penny in taxes on corporations and billionaires to provide a basic social safety net for the American people. Good for them!

Romney tweeted a gif of his mustachioed self handing Lasso-esque homemade biscuits to his colleague “across the aisle” on Thursday, which would be very cute and adorable had they not voted against raising the minimum wage and stripped bare legislation that was the Democrats’ only real chance of improving the lives of middle- and working-class Americans. Senators who costume together also pander to the wealthy together, as the saying, I think, goes.

Romney followed up his tweet with a second one calling Sinema “one tough cookie.”

Get it? It’s funny because he’s handing Sinema a box of homemade cookies, like extreme Nice Guy Ted does for his boss in the show, while applauding her for helping his party block clean energy, homecare for the elderly and disabled, free community college, lower prescription drug costs, and higher taxes on corporations and billionaires. Hahahahaha good one, you guys, well played.

As there are still three days until actual Halloween, may I suggest a better costume? Maybe you could dress as a U.S. Senator doing their job, which is to pass legislation that helps the people who turned out in the middle of a pandemic to vote your ass into office and who are relying on you to actually represent their best interests? It’s a bit of a stretch, maybe, but it would be a sick costume and would also have the added benefit of putting food on the table for those struggling to afford it. You can do it, Mitt, if you just believe in yourself.

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