Miu Miu: How Do You Say "Meh" In French?


Or perhaps it’s “meh” in Italian I should be asking about since, despite showing in Paris, Miu Miu is Miuccia Prada’s younger line. Anyhow, this collection wasn’t particularly memorable, though some pieces rose above the chaff.

You know the story about the woman who has a ribbon around her neck, and when it’s finally removed her head falls off? I wonder if that ribbon was a light-minty color.

I imagine Lady Gaga might wear this for a more relaxed endeavor, like grocery shopping or somesuch.

The shape reminds me of one of those inflatable punch-em clowns that you could never knock down, but with better detailing.

Again, more interesting details and embellishments — but this dress is not a sum of its parts. Exact opposite, in fact.

Coming soon to a swinging boutique on Carnaby Street!

Okay, now I’m getting tired of this fabric.

Contrary to my instincts, I find myself enjoying the unexpected pairing of lavender and tangerine.

If this dress were cut a little more snug, I could see it being sported to a premiere of some sort. By Leighton Meester, maybe, who’d probably biff the whole thing.

This… Coat? Dress? Whatever it is, I like the silhouette. Hits the goth-y mark.

For Miu Miu, best to always bet on black. This tunic would rock my leggings pretty hard.

I like this piece, but are those spats she’s wearing?

Okay, now we can finally address the makeup. Which is funky without being overwhelming — and it matches the collection. [Slow, admiring applause.]

The cool tailoring here makes this coat a keeper. I love it when people sport unexpected winter coats — keeps a dreary season a little more interesting.

Speaking of interesting coats! Loosen up the collar on this one, and send it out to on the town.

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