These Mixed Signals From Bennifer Are Giving Me Whiplash

Reports that the two are selling their shared mansion are pretty damning... but they're also still out and about sporting rings?

Dirt Bag
These Mixed Signals From Bennifer Are Giving Me Whiplash

Every incremental update about Bennifer—those long-suffering lovers Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck—from tabloids over the last month has made me feel like Hillary Clinton in that famous Situation Room photo. And news from this week isn’t really clearing things up on where their reportedly embattled marriage actually stands.

Over the weekend, TMZ reported that Lopez and Affleck are, indeed, headed for divorce, citing the couple’s (ex-couple’s?) move to put their $61 million mansion on the market. This came after weeks of frenzied reporting (that Dirt Bag has, admittedly, been following with bated breath) about their incompatible lifestyles, inability to work things out in therapy, and a general alienation of affection. But then, on Wednesday, photos surfaced of the two wearing their wedding rings while attending Affleck’s son Samuel’s graduation. Granted, they didn’t look particularly close, and TMZ claimed that they “kept their distance and separated their families” during the festivities.

TMZ’s reporting somewhat conflicts with the account of a source who spoke to People on Tuesday: “They’re still friendly and see each other every few days,” the source said. (To be fair, that sounds like an amicable divorce to me; seeing your wife a couple times a week isn’t exactly giving “in love.”) People also reported that Lopez and Affleck aren’t selling their Beverly Hills mansion because it’s over-over, but because they just don’t like the house. (Fair!) “Ben never liked the house. It’s too far away from his kids,” this source, who is allegedly “close to Lopez,” told the outlet. “The house is way too big for her.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight has reported that Affleck and Lopez “have been taking a step apart from each other,” but “have not fully thrown in the towel on their marriage yet.” In the meantime, Lopez “has been leaning on her mom, sisters, and kids,” while Affleck has been, ahem, leaning on “Matt Damon and his close circle of guy friends. Matt is always in Ben’s corner and is supportive of him.” Not much of a shocker there!

It seems like it will take some time before we hear anything definitive about Bennifer’s future—or lack thereof. Until then, I’ll satiate myself by thinking about the details of that mansion: 38,000 square feet on five acres of land, equipped with “12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a 12-car garage and a pool, plus a sports complex with basketball and pickleball facilities, a gym and a boxing ring,” per the Wall Street Journal. Has anyone yet considered whether the root of all of this is just a bitter fight over pickleball???

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