Model Loses Hand And Possibly Eye In Freak Plane Accident


File this under one of the most horrible things you’ll hear today: part-time model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs lost her left hand and sustained severe facial injuries after accidentally walking into a plane’s propeller.

Checking out the Christmas lights near Dallas with a pilot friend, the 23-year-old, who used to work in the Gossip Girl wardrobe department, disembarked from the two-seater plane in the dark and was struck on her left side. With the freak accident severing her hand, fracturing her skull and collarbone, and causing both brain and eye injuries, she was taken to hospital and remains in a serious but stable condition.

Her parents went on the Today Show and Good Morning America this morning to discuss their daughter’s progress – saying she has spoken for the first time since the incident, telling her mom and sister that she loves them. “She is just a fighter, and she will fight through this,” said her mom, Cheryl. “She will make it through, and she will use it for good. She’s going to have a tough time when she finds out … everything that’s happened, and losing her left hand is really a tough thing, but she’ll fight.”

Parents Of Injured Model: ‘She Will Fight Through This’ [Today]
Lauren Scruggs Severely Injured In Plane Propeller Accident [People]

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