Mom Openly Fucks With Her Kids' Heads


The most recent episode of Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show featured two mothers who admitted — on national television — that they have a favorite child. One of which was Laura Bennett, otherwise known as the sassy, pregnant contestant on Project Runway, season three. (Note to Anderson booking team: great work, keep the reality has-beens a-coming! ) For those curious about what this almost-designer has been up to since Runway, I’ll just tell you now: fostering what she calls “a healthy competition” between her six sons in which the compete to be the favorite child. She began her appearance on by saying,

“Truman has always been my favorite and most of my kids know that. We talk about it in my family, we call it The List and my children actually compete for a place on The List.”

Astounded, AC asks “Are you kidding?” She responds, “All humor is funny because it’s based in truth, right? So yes, it’s like the family joke but yes it’s also based in truth.” And then, just in case you truly couldn’t believe your ears, we’re shown a home video at the Bennett dinner table in which she asked them all, “Do you think I have a favorite?” at the dinner table. The boys seemed in on the joke on tape, but I imagine that in the coming years, when they learn how to google their mom on the internet, that this clip will act as the catalyst for emotional turmoil or at the very least, some hurt feelings?

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