Most Americans


Most Americans think Trump doesn’t ‘hire the best people.’ Thirty-one percent of voters like Trump as a person. Most Americans think Trump usually lies, but like him anyway, poll shows.

The Koch brothers commissioned a survey of Americans and found most like a $15 minimum wage, free college, and universal health care. Most young Americans prefer socialism to capitalism, new report finds. Most Americans think Trump is failing the middle class. Majority of Americans say they would not vote for a ‘socialist.’

One year after Charlottesville, majority of Americans see racial tensions on the rise. Most Americans think Trump has emboldened racists to be more outspoken, a new poll says. Fifty-three percent of Americans say it’s ‘never appropriate’ to kneel during the national anthem.

Most Americans don’t approve of Trump’s immigration policies, poll finds. Seventy-five percent of Americans say immigration is good for country, poll finds. Most Americans oppose immigrant family separation. Most in U.S. blame parents for child separations at border. Most Americans oppose abolishing ICE.

A new poll finds most Americans are overwhelmed by all the news and most Americans think it’s the worst of times.

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