MTV Finally Reveals Just How Much Italians Hate Jersey Shore


That moment you’ve been waiting to happen all season has finally occurred: the public shaming of the Jersey Shore cast. And in that regard, last night’s episode did not disappoint, seeing as the gang had to leave two different bars in the same night, seeing as they were so reviled by locals.

First, the crowd at a club chanted “piece of shit” and made an Italian gesture that translates to “shame” until the cast did the responsible thing and left (but not until The Situation had ample time to run his mouth and threaten the crowd). Snooki and Deena refused to end the night so early, however, and decided not to go home with the rest of the roommates and tried their luck at another club. When the two fur-booted ladies tried to dance, they were surrounded by a big group of men, and I still can’t figure out whether they were mocking the girls or trying to dance with them. Regardless, it got ugly, and Team Meatballs left the dance floor. They headed to the bar…where the bartender threw ice at them.

During the last Italian Sunday Dinner the group discussed the highs and lows of their Italian stay and unanimously agreed that they couldn’t wait to return back to the Jersey Shore. Next week is the show’s last episode in Florence, leaving the “totally available” Deena and Pauly D just enough time to hook up whilst abroad. Because obviously that’s on the to-do list.

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