Multiple Women Accuse Gordon Sondland of Retaliating After They Rejected His Sexual Advances

Multiple Women Accuse Gordon Sondland of Retaliating After They Rejected His Sexual Advances

When testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union was asked about the veracity of his comment to President Donald Trump that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky “loves [Trump’s] ass.”

Sondland laughed, saying “Sounds like something I would say. That’s how President Trump and I communicate. A lot of four-letter words. In this case a three-letter.”

But now, Trump and Sondland have something in common besides communicating in expletives. Both men now stand accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. The accusations against Sondland were published in a new story published by ProPublica and Portland Monthly.

Sondland, like Trump, has denied the accusations, which allegedly took place over seven years. “These untrue claims of unwanted touching and kissing are concocted and, I believe, coordinated for political purposes. They have no basis in fact, and I categorically deny them.” Here’s Sondland’s entire statement to ProPublica and Portland Monthly.

In the story, three women accused Sondland of sexual misconduct, which they say was followed by retaliation when the women rejected Sondland’s assault advances. One woman was there to ask Sondland to invest in her business; she says he gave her a tour in one of his hotels, grabbed her face and tried to kiss her. When she rejected him, she alleges Sondland backed out of any potential investments.

Another woman said that Sondland exposed himself during a meeting. She told ProPublica and Portland Monthly that she fell over the back of a couch trying to get away. Later, she said Sondland called to scream at her about her job performance. The final woman in the story, who is nearly 30 years younger than Sondland, said she was meeting with him to discuss a job opportunity. She recalled him pushing himself against her and kissing her. She shoved him, and later, she says, “his job help” went away.

The ProPublica/Portland Monthly story has, obviously, more details about the accusations of the diplomat who communicates with the leader of the free world with four- — and three- — letter words.

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