Mykonos Sure Looks Fun


It is the time of year when many people, several of them gay men, descend upon the tony island of Mykonos, Greece, for fun, sun, sex, drugs, and now, Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan is running the Lohan Beach Resort on the island and is apparently having a great time. Look at her go in the video above! Per a press release an upcoming MTV reality show filmed at the resort will document (or… ya know whatever you want to call what it’ll be doing) her and her employees’ attempts to “rise above the temptations the Mykonos nightlife scene has to offer.” Music is not one of those temptations; she’s letting that one move right through her.

Remember “Vogue?” By Madonna? Well how about “Vogue” somewhat scratchier and at least an octave lower by Lindsay Lohan? Oh yeah, baby, that’s in Mykonos too.

Remember “Rumors” by Lindsay Lohan?

That’s in Mykonos, too. She looks so happy to be hearing it. I wonder how long it’s been.

Here she is sitting on the floor performing it:

I want to go to Mykonos so badly.

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