Nancy Pelosi and Ice-T to Be Amazing on 30 Rock's Series Finale (Sob)


Usually when sitcoms bust out the celebrity cameos, it’s time to say goodbye. Such is the case with our beloved 30 Rock, and they’re going out with a one-two celebrity punch that has me very excited. Congressional HBiC (and person who gave me tickets to the 2009 inauguration*) Nancy Pelosi and Fin Tutuola Ice-T will appear on 30 Rock‘s hour long series finale on Jan 31.

Pelosi said, “I would do almost anything Tina Fey asks me to do.” I wonder if that means she could get Pelosi to fix the potholes littering Capp st? And get me a rent controlled apartment in the Lower Haight? Oh, the power!

*Because she had to because was my rep at the time. Also, I think she likes me.

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