Naomi Campbell Must Testify About That Blood Diamond, Says Court

  • The Special Court for Sierra Leone ruled that prosecutors can subpoena Naomi Campbell to compel her to testify about blood diamonds witnesses report she received from warlord Charles Taylor in 1997. Campbell had rebuffed prosecutors’ attempts to interview her. [AP]
  • According to one, anonymous, employee, the Hollister store in downtown Manhattan ignored concerns about a bedbug outbreak for a full month, even as workers reported bites and saw bedbug exoskeletons. “Multiple employees were covered in bites. Hollister was more concerned about losing money than the health and safety of their hundreds of employees and thousands of customers,” writes the employee. “Bedbugs only feed at night, and if you’ve ever been inside Hollister, you know that it is almost completely dark.” The store finally had to be closed until further notice. We suppose industrial-strength overpriced cologne isn’t the effective pesticide we might have assumed. [Gothamist]
  • Carine Roitfeld lives in exactly the sort of spare, majestic Parisian space we imagined. [OAK]
  • For another editor of Paris Vogue‘s take on real estate in the city of light, check out Joan Juliet Buck‘s ghost story. [The Moth]
  • Lindsay Lohan allegedly took home over $17,000 worth of merchandise at a Los Angeles boutique after she convinced those in charge that her “business manager” would settle the bill. Now she’s being sued. But really, if Lindsay Lohan told you the check was in the mail, would you believe her? [TMZ]
  • Target‘s first Manhattan outpost will open later this month in Harlem, with a glitzy party featuring a replica of the Apollo Theater stage. A local rapper by the name of Doug E. Fresh will entertain the crowds, while a certain Marcus Samuelsson cooks. [WSJ]
  • Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian modeled swimsuits for their Beach Bunny line. [Sun]
  • Bruce Willis‘ perfume is “manliest scent in the world,” say the people who make Bruce Willis’ perfume. [BBC]
  • Coco Rocha, whose blog Oh So Coco you should definitely already be reading, is going to blog her daily outfits on Vogue UK. Today, that includes Aldo shoes. [Vogue UK]
  • Rocha is now a face of Victoria’s Secret Pink, leading to speculation she might walk in the next VS show. [HuffPo]
  • Two Alexander McQueen dresses from the Salem Witch collection failed to sell at an auction in London. It was the first public auction of McQueen since the designer’s death. [WWD]
  • Solange Knowles will judge you based on one thing: “Shoes! I’m all about the shoes! I order a ton of them online and play with my entire wardrobe until I find the right shoe. Unfortunately, so many people get it right from the head until the ankles. The shoe is very important. I can’t even fuck with you if your shoe game is slacking.” [Refinery29]
  • Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen‘s sunglasses for their line Elizabeth & James look about as big and hipster-y as you’d expect. [ONTD]
  • Those plastic raver bracelets are back. [NYT]
  • Project Runway‘s next season begins airing on July 29, with 90-minute episodes. [People]
  • J. Crew is collaborating on a denim collection with the cult brand Imogene + Willie. The results? $425 jeans. [WWD]
  • Seventeen-year-old Alex Watson, on starring in Burberry ads with his sister: “I was actually shopping for a suit in Burberry to wear at one of Emma’s Harry Potter premiere’s [sic, Vogue UK Copywatch continues] when someone from the brand approached and said ‘I think you should meet with Christopher [Bailey].’ It was such a shock but it was a pretty good gig. Emma’s been really great — we get on very well but it’s good to have her there to give me tips. Her main one is to relax and don’t be scared. Easier said than done though. She’s just so efficient!” [Vogue UK]
  • Burberry is launching a new online portal,, which will feature performances by new British musicians Christopher Bailey likes. So far, that list comprises Life in Film, Ramona, and Misty Miller. [WWD]
  • Racked rounds up all the songs from the men’s season. Music from Tom Waits, Annie Lennox, and the Animals is included. [Racked]
  • Cathy Horyn, meanwhile, characterized the men’s wear this season as wimpy. [NYT]
  • ModCloth is now $19.8 million richer, thanks to venture capital funding. [WWD]
  • The trial of a celebrity photographer who is accused of abusing elderly L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt‘s trust in order to defraud her of over one billion Euros might get underway within the week. Bettencourt contends that she gave the money willingly, and that the case is motivated by her adult daughter’s desire to protect her presumptive inheritance. [AP]
  • The Times reports on La Prairie‘s efforts to keep us fearful and poor: “Next, Rodger Bogardus, who is also in product development at La Prairie, started discussing “the forgotten zone” of a woman’s neck and décolletage. With his silver hair, dark suit and striped tie, he could have passed for a senior investment banker if he had not been discussing the elasticity of neck skin. ‘Gravity really takes on a key role’ in this zone, said Mr. Bogardus, by way of introducing the company’s Anti-Aging Neck Cream ($200 for 1.7 ounces). ‘It’s never too early to start using this product.'” [NYT]
  • Racked points out that Condé Nast‘s latest plan to save magazines — printing “special editions” of bundled content, like Glamour‘s “Do’s and Don’ts” is called “making a book.” And that Glamour already put out a “Do’s and Don’ts” book. [Racked]
  • Marni printed a bunch of artist Gary Hume‘s works on t-shirts. Price not listed, which probably means it’s too bloody much for a t-shirt. [Vogue UK]
  • Those eye-catching wooden handbags from Stella McCartney, however, cost over $2k. [TLF]
  • Bloomingdale‘s is recalling over 8,000 robes that do not meet clothing flammability standards. [WWD]
  • Male model Joel West: “One of my favorite moments that always comes to mind, is when I walked the Versace show in Milan and Naomi Campbell was opening the show as the big special guest. It was a mens’ show so they had her like a ‘ring girl’ carrying a sign down the runway. We met in the middle on the runway and she said ‘Here, you take this, I’m sick of holding it.’ I was like ‘I don’t think I’m supposed to have this sign,’ but you know, Naomi told me to, so I took the sign. I was like ‘Really? You have to walk down one time and you can’t hold this sign?’ At least she didn’t throw it at me, right?” [MDC]
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