Natalie Portman Is A Homewrecker In The Other Woman Trailer


Just in time for news of Natalie Portman‘s engagement and pregnancy is the trailer for The Other Woman, in which she plays a woman dealing with a tough set of motherhood issues — losing a baby, being a stepmother.

The film originally screened at Toronto, but apparently has picked up steam in the wake of positive Black Swan buzz. Now, it’s been renamed (from Love And Other Impossible Pursuits, also the title of the Ayelet Waldman novel it’s based on), will go on IFC On Demand on New Year’s Day, and then have limited theatrical release in February.

The trailer doesn’t leave much to guess at, but it does present the unusual-for-Hollywood-actresses conundrum of a pretty unsympathetic protagonist, at least at the outset. On the other hand, the character’s arc, from sleeping with a married man (not exactly twisting his arm, of course) to warm moments with his son, is standard fare. Variety said the movie is “a portrait of narcissistic New York bourgeois to rival the harshest work of Woody Allen,” and that it “tests the limits of a viewer’s tolerance for pain and should garner significant respect from those who like their upscale melodrama on the lacerating side.”

Natalie Portman’s New Movie [HP]

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