NeNe Attempts To Bully La Toya Jackson


On last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, La Toya stepped up and took the leadership position for the first time as project manager, and despite the fact that she successfully pulled off her task, NeNe was hellbent on denigrating her to anyone who would listen, both during the challenge and later in the board room. After it was announced that La Toya had actually led her team to victory and the ladies convened in their suite while one of the men was being fired, NeNe ripped into her, accusing La Toya of riding coattails in this competition the same way she did her entire life with her famous siblings. It was way harsh. Surprisingly, La Toya didn’t back down, nor did she get emotionally provoked. She stood her ground, saying something about NeNe’s “heigth” [sic].

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