Nev Schulman Declares His Elevator 'Abuse Free'; Internet LOLs

Catfish producer Nev Schulman decided to jump into the Ray Rice domestic abuse conversation by declaring his elevator “abuse free.” In a selfie. In which he gingerly touched his chest because, hashtag #RESPECT.

Naturally, the Internet was not impressed and immediately called bullshit by mocking Nev and his disingenuous chest-touch.

Obviously Nev is a polarizing figure. Either you believe his “I just want to tell you the truth” schtick on MTV’s Catfish or you think it’s all an act that earns him a sizable check on the backs of lonely people who are blindly looking for love online. But for the most part, judging by the Internet’s response to this “tender” tweet, many fall squarely into camp b, the bullshit camp.

And then there’s this rumor that’s been swirling around the Internet for some time (but hasn’t been confirmed, so at this point it is hearsay) about Nev’s history in college: He allegedly struck a woman but wasn’t immediately expelled because his mother was part of the administration.

Look people, if you want to share your support for domestic violence victims or declare yourself to be anti-Rice and anti-NFL, by all means, please do. But know that if you’re trying to interject a cheesy selfie into this conversation, the Internet will come for your head — or in this case, your hand and your hashtag — with a vengeance.

Image via Twitter.

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