Never Mind, Old Spice Is Actually Selling Like Beefcakes


Well, we all thought it seemed kind of strange when reports came out that the Old Spice campaign corresponded with a drop in sales. Turns out, we should have had more faith in Isaiah Mustafa!

A reader points out that the trade publication that reported a 7% drop in sales of Old Spice body wash has very quietly updated the same post to read:

“Despite reports to the contrary, Nielsen data shows that sales of the Old Spice Body Wash range as a whole rose by 55% over the last three months, and by 107% in the last month alone.”

(Yeah, “despite reports to the contrary”…by you!) So all of my silly theories about the mis-reported sales-drop are now null and void, and the world of advertising makes just a little bit more sense. However, I still stand behind not wanting my boyfriend to smell like my dad.

Alas, The Old Spice Guy Didn’t Actually Help Old Spice. Here’s Why.

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Via Slate’s Twitter [Slate’s Twitter]

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