New Ad Urges You to Use a Condom Since Someone Else Might Be Mayor of That Dick


These new PSAs for the AIDS Council, put together by the McCann Worldgroup Helsinki ad agency, equate getting busy to checking in on Foursquare. A heterosexual couple touch each other and get undressed; right before he pulls off his skivvies, a map icon pops up with the info, “Cathy Mills and 34 others were here.” Oh, snap. Imagine? “You have ousted Jenny as Mayor of Brandon’s junk.”

There’s also a version where the woman starts to take off her panties and the alert reads, “Ryan Smith and 19 others were here.” Of course, as Rebecca Cullers points out on AdFreak,

The main problem I see is that the ads play off fear and contribute to the stigma of sexual promiscuity. We should take care to remember that while your number of partners may increase your chances of getting an STD, it only takes one. Or none, if you’re born positive.

While it’s true that the ads can be seen as slut-shamey, (and reminiscent of war propaganda putting the blame on women), it’s still a pretty clever way to speak to the current generation about sex. Nobody wants to unlock the chlamydia badge.


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