New Empire Trailer! Season 2! Money, Power, Respect & Cookie! 


“Ain’t about the money it’s about the power,” instructs the new Empire trailer, which features Cookie Lyon continuing her position as television’s foremost Master At Finding Intelligent Attitudes.

It’s a celebration of New Money, as interpreted by that denim patchwork Moschino jacket, and the total takeover of the company by Cookie with Lucious in the pokey. There’s also New Music courtesy Jamal, who has now graduated to playing outdoor summer festivals (#FREELUCIOUS), and Hakeem, deep in the stu with headphones on, hopefully crafting another brilliant follow-up to “Drip Drop,” the greatest song of the 2010s.

The respect, of course, is implied—that’s the crux of what they’re all fighting for, obviously—but Cookie in a cage exemplifies it. Also: IS THAT A MIC? WILL COOKIE SING THIS SEASON? Sandbagging, girding the Twitter feed in preparation for the commentary.

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