New H&M Catalog Features Model With No Face


This looks like some weird art project about digital media and the compartmentalization/commodification of the body. The Photoshopping is so bad it looks like it should be purposefully bad, you know? Like ‘Oh, I just made the shadows crazy-dark and actually cut around the hair with scissors when I was drunk because, like, I thought it would be funny.’ Except it’s an actual photo from H&M’s website, and H&M published it there apparently in the hope it might inspire you to buy the clothing depicted.

From the front, things aren’t much better. Love the half-bob. Very strong look for fall.

Here’s the full image. Click to enlarge.

And from the back, with a bonus view of The Hand That Doesn’t Even Approximate Contact With The Dress.

Dress, $49.95 [H&M]
H&M: She’s A Looker [PSDisasters]

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