New iPhone App Creepily Retrieves Half-Naked Photos of Your Friends


Want to find out if your female Facebook friends posted some scintillating skin-showing shots? Maybe they’re posing with their kids on the beach? Maybe they’re doing laps at the Y? Maybe they’re under 18? Doesn’t matter, for just $1.99 Badabing can bring you all the swaths of skin your little perv heart desires.

Currently there is a photo of a baby up on the app’s iTunes page, so yeah. Way to make a great tool for pedophiles, you fucking idiots.

The Daily Dot reports:

Users must be at least 17 years old to download the app, but it doesn’t appear to have any age limit on which Facebook member pages you can search. Its own search results display pictures of teenage girls and naked babies.
“I just saw the baby again,”commentedBadabing’s creator, Erick Barto, when a TechCrunch reader pointed out the warped results. “I agree it’s pretty hilarious… completely out of place :/”
The picture, however, remains up on the app’s iTunes page.

It costs only $3.99, a small price to pay to become the laziest creepshot collector on the internet. And I highly doubt the dudes who use this app have SO many Facebook friends in bikini shots that they need a fucking app to handle their workload. You’re telling me these sad fucks need a personal assistant to scour their friends’ vacation photos to deliver the goods. How fucking slothful can you be?

And aren’t there enough bikini pictures already? Do you really you need to pay $4 to seek out ones of human beings who are ostensibly your friends? Honestly, it’s just kinda pathetic, if you need your softcore kicks so badly, just go watch some Skinamax or buy a g-d jerk-off magazine and be done with it.

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