New 'Pikinis' App Helps Creeps Find Your Bikini Pics With Ease


Just in time for summer: Pikinis is the iPhone app that “automatically finds swimsuit photos on Facebook.” Users can “quickly find your friends’ pikinis or meet new people by exploring pikinis in your network, city or campus!” r/CreepShots is sooo 2012.

According to BroBible (what other website would have the scoop on a creepy app that allows you to “Pineapple” tan lines?), the geniuses behind Pikinis came up with the idea because of our collective existential frustration with a lack of speedy access to sandy boobs. From managing director Ted Kramer:

I’ve have been involved on the ground floor of technology startups in the past and having just left one, I was looking for the next idea. Just by hanging out with my close girl and guy friends, I realized a lot of people express frustration about all the photos on Facebook and how difficult it is to find the ones you really want to see. The idea came about because its a problem many people seem to have, men and women.

Pinikis is ostensibly for both men and women, but developers are testing the app with college-age fraternity guys across the country. Duh. Lock up those privacy settings even tighter!


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