New York Leads the Nation in Single Ladies


Looking to find a nice husband and settle down? Probably not a good idea to move to New York City, according to a new survey done by U.S. Census Bureau. Turns out we are not only the city who never sleeps, we are also the city who never gets hitched. The survey found that 34.8% of women in New York state aged 15 (!) and over have never been married—the highest percentage in the country. (With just 20.7%, Wyoming had the lowest percentage of never-married women.) When you focus in on New York City, the numbers are even more striking: 41.7% of women here have never been married and 46.7% of the men are still single.

Apparently the Empire State of Mind is one of perpetual bachelorhood because these numbers are only growing-back in 2006 a mere 38.7% of women in NYC had never been married and 43.4% of men. No big deal! We city girls and guys didn’t even want to get married anyway. I mean, yeah, in theory it sounds nice, but look at all our friends from high school. They live such dull lives in their suburban homes, and they have to take care of kids, and they never have sex! We get to do whatever we want (provided we can afford it after we fork over 75% of our meager salary to rent and Metrocards) and we get to have sex, like, whenever we damn well please. Okay, sure, technically it’s more like every few months when we have one too many mojitos and then go home with some dude who then turns out to be a big baby, but still WE ARE FREE. It is like one giant, super fun episode of “Sex and the City” up in here!

New York Leads in Never-Married Women [WNYC]

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