Nick Offerman Reads the Best Posts From Reddit's 'Shower Thoughts'


Who comes up with the idea to get Nick Offerman to read Reddit posts? Whoever they are, they deserve a medal/giant, collective Internet kiss.

Offerman’s quotes in the above video are taken from ShowerThoughts, a subreddit which just launched a clean water fundraiser. Here are just a few of the ones he shared (take a deep breath and brace yourselves. This stuff is heaaavy.)

“If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, it’ll be the first time two presidents have had sex with each other.”

“If your shirt isn’t tucked into your pants, then your pants are tucked into your shirt.”

“Once you have a PhD, every meeting you go to becomes a doctor’s appointment.”

“People born in the year 2000 never have to remember what age they are.”

“Technically, we’re all half centaur.”

So true, man. So true. For more of these, check out Shower Thoughts.

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