Nicki Minaj, Your Queen/King/Minx of the Desert


So about an hour ago, I woke up from my pre-Jezebel Sunday night nap, and scrolled through the ‘Gram to see what had happened in the outside world while I drooled on my pillow. The answer, as it is often, is Nicki Minaj.

More specifically: Nicki featured alongside David Guetta and about three dozen of their scantily-clad friends in the new video for his latest single, ‘Hey Mama.’

The song, which was released in March, is catchy, something you’d want to keep on repeat while you dance around your apartment with a glass of wine before a fun night out on the town (or a fun Saturday night making dinner for one before falling asleep in your makeup and clothes while watching a horrible chick flick, but hey, I’m not judging or talking from experience); the visuals are… interesting. It sort of reminds me of a half-hearted attempt to recreate the post-apocalyptic vibe found in Beyoncé’s “Superpower” (which has the opposite effect, IMO, in being cool to watch but listening-wise is meh), but on Adderall. Lots of hip thrusting, tongue-wagging, and sand. I mean, who knows? Hollywood Life compares it to Mad Max; I think it feels a bit more like Burning Man meets Coachella meets an early 2000s Pepsi commercial.

Full video, for your listening and viewing pleasure, below.

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