Nicole Kidman Tells Jennifer Aniston She Prayed For A Man

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  • Nicole Kidman is on the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar, and inside, she is interviewed by Jennifer Aniston. (They’re both in that new Adam Sandler flick.) Nic tells Jen how she felt when she first met Keith Urban.
JA: When you two first met, Keith said he saw you walk into the room and you just floated. Yes, I watched him on Oprah! Did you feel it as instantly as Keith felt it?

NK: I remember thinking, Oh, my God, if you ever gave me a man like that, I promise I would be completely devoted for the rest of my life. Something that wild. I remembered praying after I met him that I’d meet somebody, if not him, like him.

There’s so much more; Nic also tells Jen: “You are a freak of nature. You have the best body I’ve ever seen. And I’m a heterosexual girl. You look good morning, noon, and night.” And! “I have no sense of what’s fashionable; I just know what I like to wear.” [Harper’s Bazaar]

  • Khloe Kardashian has a new look: Red hair. Right now it is reddish, but she’s in the process of going to Jessica Rabbit red. Distinguishing herself from her raven-haired sisters? [Pop Sugar]
  • Kanye West is being sued by a photographer who says Yeezy “assaulted, battered, beat and threatened” him. This is not the photographer whose camera Ye broke in an airport; this totally separate incident happened at a party under the Queensboro Bridge. [NYDN]
  • Cops claim that Lindsay Lohan was under the influence of something while at Betty Ford. Obviously the folks at Betty Ford don’t believe that, because they discharged her, but the whole thing is weird. [TMZ]
  • Johnny Depp‘s daughter hearts Taylor Swift, and at the People’s Choice awards, when Tay presented him with a trophy, Johnny said: “My daughter said if I didn’t say hi to you I’d be in trouble, so hi from my daughter.” [Just Jared]
  • Before he checked into rehab, David Arquette got wasted and was trying to breakdance — do the worm — and fell on his face and got a bloody nose. This report claims he then wore a Lone Ranger-style mask and was seen “wobbly and incoherent” while partying with a group of dwarfs. [Page Six]
  • Oh God. Michael Jackson‘s bodyguard testified that Dr. Conrad Murray handed him a canvas sack and told him to grab all the bottles and vials of drugs lying around and “put them in the bag” when it was clear MJ was dead and could not be revived. [NY Post]
  • Also, Michael Jackson‘s former security chief testified that Dr. Conrad Murray was “next to Jackson’s bed in a panicked state asking, ‘Does anyone know CPR?'” The security chief said: “I looked at [the bodyguard] because we knew Dr. Murray was a heart surgeon, so we were shocked.” [CNN]
  • It’s unclear why Emmy Rossum and part of her areola are modeling lingerie in Esquire but here are the demure-ish come hither pix. [Yeeeah]
  • Jaime Pressly — whom you may know from My Name Is Earl — was arrested last night on suspicion of drunk driving. [Radar Online]
  • Ugh: “Oksana‘s Newest Claim: Mel Beat Me During Sex.” [TMZ]
  • On Oxygen’s new upcoming series, The Glee Project, “performers will be chosen to compete for a multi-episode guest-starring role on season three of Glee.” [HuffPo]
  • New music from Amy Winehouse! If you are in Brazil. [The Sun]
  • There are some people for whom this news is epic: Barbra Streisand will star in and produce a film version of Gypsy. Sing out Louise! [NY Times]
  • Ew. Donald Trump is “seriously considering” politics. [Digital Spy]
  • T.I. and his wife Tiny got in trouble with prison officials over the weekend — it seems, if I am reading this properly, that she jerked him off under the table in the visitors room? Too early for this, sorry. [TMZ]
  • “What If Bill Murray Just Showed Up In Your Karaoke Room?” Photos at the link! [The Chive]
  • Adam Busch, who played Warren on Buffy, will join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. [E!]
  • Kate Gosselin‘s hip tattoo is newsworthy, supposedly. [The Superficial]
  • Carlos Santana married drummer Cindy Blackman in Hawaii and there was a bowl of rainwater and a dove involved in the ceremony. [People]
  • “I did a little cameo once at the beginning of Austin Powers 3, I think it was, and I got to make out with Tom Cruise. He was an amazing kisser!” — Gwyneth Paltrow. [People]
  • “[Leg hair] is sexy in the south. Like to braid that up. Guys just be at home braiding her leg. Baby, you so sexy.” — Jamie Foxx. [TV Squad]
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