No Greater Horror Exists Than What This Man Pulls Out of His Face


Warning: This isn’t even the actual image that’s about to ruin your entire year. This is just a placeholder to lull you in a false sense of calm before the storm of this man’s horrifying ingrown hair. May god help us all.

You think you’ve seen everything? You think you know ingrown hairs? You think you have an iron stomach that can withstand any torture? Well, you’re wrong, because this is disgusting. This is awful. THIS WAS LIVING IN SOMEONE’S FACE.

Filmed two years ago but busting up everyone’s newsfeed this morning because it’s the week after Christmas, this video of a man trying to remove something that should not exist out of his face is probably the grossest thing you will see the rest of this year. Because it’s just a lot. It’s just hair and roots and follicles and maybe a tiny baby groot. It’s just no words and heavy breathing and pain and eyes bleeding out of your head. Thank you.


Nothing’s More Satisfying Than Seeing This 20-Year-Old Pimple Get Popped.

Image via Shutterstock which has this photo for I don’t know what reason

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